Leap of Faith

Hi, my name is John Beckett. You know, taking a leap of faith can be a scary proposition. There was a time when I was facing tragedy myself - I lost my dad, I had a tremendous fire sweep through the factory I was working in. And these things brought me to the end of myself, and I wanted to move toward God. But I felt that I had to have everything figured out - maybe it was the engineer in me. And I realized that was not a realistic way to think. There was a point where I just had to take that bold step, that leap into the unknown - but really, into the known - that person of Jesus Christ who I could trust with all my heart. When I did, you know, He actually came running toward me, welcoming me into His kingdom. You may be at a similar place where you have to not have everything figured out but take that bold step that I took. I invite you to do that - you’ll be surprised to find, as I did, that Jesus wants you to come to Him, and He’ll come to you.

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