Can I Find Somebody To Teach Me How To Follow God?

It's good to be with you again. This is John Beckett. On people's minds is the question of, "Can I find somebody to teach me how to follow God?" And you know, that's a great mindset, because that indicates that you want to be a disciple, you want to be somebody that grows in the faith. God loves to respond to that prayer, in fact. If you think about the relationship Jesus had with His followers, it was very much one of His being a teacher, and they being followers, learners, disciples. So a place to start is to ask God. Ask God to send somebody into your life who has more of a history of walking with God and has wisdom that they can impart to help you in your growth. That person may or may not emerge. One thing that we can know regardless is that the Holy Spirit is always available to be our guide. Actually, it's one of the names given to the Holy Spirit, that He will guide us, that He will lead us. And so we can turn to the Holy Spirit saying, "Help guide me in this particular situation, help me make this decision, help me to know the way through. And in that process, we will grow, we will learn, and we will become His disciple.

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