Is the Bible true?

It's near universal that people are searching for truth and a source of truth. Some would say the source of truth is God's word. Is the Bible true? Well, what does the Bible say about itself? There's a passage in John 17:17 that says, "your word is truth." Not "contains the truth," it "is" the truth. And that's bedrock. This is the scripture speaking about itself, but we have other ways that we can come at this question. You know, it's interesting that it's been several thousand years now since the Bible was written, even the most recent portions of it, and it has stood the test of time. It's interesting that scientific findings, archeological findings, are consistently validating what was written thousands of years ago. So take this book and anchor yourself to it in a time of uncertainty. This is truth. This is God's word and you can rely on it 100 percent. It is true.

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