Can I Know God?

Everyone can know God personally.

I no longer felt I was in control.

God is in control

Up to this point, I felt confident managing my own life. But I began to realize that nobody is truly in control of everything. I concluded that God alone is in control, and that he wanted to guide my steps. To my chagrin I realized that each time I took over, I was assuming the place of God himself, and that this was actually a form of sin. I grew to understand that sin is going against what God wants for us. It has infected every person going right back to the first created human being, Adam. We all labor under sin’s presence. It may seem strange, but I was relieved to discover that many of our struggles—anger, fear, desire to control—all stem from our sin nature. And God himself has provided a remedy!

I was assuming the place of God himself.

I accepted his gift of forgiveness.

"Jesus, I need you. I am sorry for the life I’ve lived apart from you. Thank you for dying on the cross to take the penalty for my sins. I believe you are God’s Son and I now receive you as my Lord and Savior. I commit my life to follow you."