What Happens When I Die?

Hi, this is John Beckett. Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? This, to me, is one of the great questions, and I'm sure many are better qualified to answer it than I am. But here are a few thoughts. Usually when we think of death, we think of death of the physical body, and to be sure, we will all die. We die, and our bodies are laid to rest, and for many, sadly, that is viewed as the end of the proposition. But for a believer, we understand that life is comprised not only of the physical body, but also spirit and soul, and these two, the spirit and the soul, these live on. And again, the believer has the wonderful assurance that these aspects of who we are go on in eternity. And, in fact, go on in a close, intimate relationship with the Lord, and in His presence. Now, for the unbeliever, it's quite a different proposition, because that person, we understand from the scriptures, is separated permanently from God. The scriptures refer to this by the term 'hell,' and I can well imagine it is, because if we understand the difference between being in the presence and being in the absence of God, they are two wholly different places. And it's all the more reason why we want to take advantage of the marvelous opportunity we've been given in this lifetime to become a follower of Jesus Christ. It not only helps shape who we are in this life, but it also determines our destiny on into eternity. Say yes to Jesus, and become one of His, now and forever.

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