How Do I Know Jesus When I Can't Talk To Him?

Hi, this is John Beckett. A question that has come in is "How do I know Jesus when I can't talk to Him?" You know, it's a great question, and I would just begin by saying that knowing God really is a life-long process. In fact, the great Apostle Paul was toward the end of his ministry when he said, "...that I may know Him..." So even the great Apostle was describing something that was unfolding and took place over a period of time. But, you know, the good news is that the Apostle Paul and we can be assured that it is possible to know God. He wants us to know Him. He wants to be known by us. And I would say a great starting place is through God's word. God reveals Himself in His word. And as we read His word, we can know that we are hearing from the living God. And then, secondly, prayer really is conversation with God. And we can be very open, we can be very honest. And when we hear from Him, it may just be an impression on our hearts, something that we feel that He's speaking to us and revealing to us. So be assured that we can know God — a lifetime process, but don't give up. Listen to His voice through His word and His Holy Spirit speaking to us.

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