Are My Sins Really That Bad?

Hi, my name John Beckett. Some are asking, "Are my sins really that bad?" You know, the fact that you're even thinking about sin is a healthy thing, because sin is something that we need to acknowledge is part of the human nature. But you know, when we think about sins, we often associate them with an activity. Maybe it's lying or cheating or injuring other people. But there's another way to look at the sin in us, and that is that it's not so much an activity, but it's part of our nature. We were, with no fault of our own, born sinful people. Now, that reality sets the stage for us to be set free from that condition. And of course, there's only one way that occurs. And that is to allow the Lord Jesus Christ to become our savior, our Lord, and at that point, He redeems us from that sin nature. This puts us on a different path. We can have a level of victory that we've never known before. And it's one of the great benefits of our becoming a believer.

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