Why Should I Believe Christianity More Than Other Religions?

Hi, this is John Beckett. You know, a question on people's minds is, "Why should I believe Christianity more than other religions?" Well, it's certainly true that throughout history and today, there are many different patterns of beliefs, there are many different religions. Undoubtably each one has some offer to us, or it wouldn't have been sustained. Maybe some offer peace, maybe others offer good fortune to us financially. But I'd like to reframe the question, because the real question that we should be asking is, "What is true?" And if religions can cover such a waterfront of beliefs, is there one that really is true? I want to make the case for Christianity. Jesus, as the centerpiece, of course, of Christianity, said, "I am the way, the life and the truth. No one comes to the Father except by me." So he was making a very bold claim that there is one true way of belief, and it's centered in Jesus Christ. I challenge you to explore as much as you want, but you will find, if your pursuit is honest and open-minded, that the Christian faith is true. More than anything else, what you want to be pursuing is not some sort of a religious framework, not some sort of academic or philosophical pursuit. You want to be pursuing the truth. Jesus Christ is the truth, and the faith that we build around him is reliable, it is sturdy, it is the truth.

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