How Can Science And Religion Coexist?

Hi, this is John Beckett. A question that has come to us is, "How can science and religion coexist?" It's a great question and actually one I take a special interest in because of my interest in science. I graduated from MIT in science and engineering and have always enjoyed trying to understand how, through science, we can unlock mysteries, how we can understand how things work. But even at its best, science is limited. There's an expression that we can't put God in a test tube, and there's some truth to that. We can't analyze the creator of the universe and understand Him through any kind of natural means or natural pursuits. The nature of God is such that He not only created everything, He sustains everything, and that includes science. Science is a derivative of understanding God. So if we want to understand this relationship, a great place to start is to recognize that truth, whether it's through science or any other pursuit, always derives from God. God is the source of all truth; He's the source of reality. He's the one who designs all that we understand in creation, and so if we're involved in some kind of technology pursuit, or we're inventing, or we're designing, ultimately what we're doing is trying to draw from God and His infinite understanding and resources. That's, in my view, how God, and religion, and science can somehow make sense.

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