Am I In Control Of My Own Life?

Hi, this is John Beckett. A question that comes up on people's minds is, "Am I in control of my own life?" Well, it's a tricky question actually, because to an extent we are, but to an extent we aren't. For example, if you take the weather, if you take natural disasters, if you take illness, if you take things that come at us from the outside, so to speak, we can't control those events. But what we can always control is our responses. The reason that we can respond in one way or another is that God has given us free will. He has given us the capacity to choose. And those responses really have a profound effect on the direction of our lives. Perhaps the most important that you will ever encounter is the choice of whether to receive Jesus Christ as your savior and your Lord. He gives us that ability to choose, and of course the wonderful result of making that choice is that we can follow Him. So these issues that come up day-by-day, the challenges that we have, we can address those within the context of being a follower of Jesus, and it gives us a whole new level of freedom. So, yes, we have a measure of control, but we want to use it wisely.

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